Fat sex positions

fat sex tipsMany men are into having sex with fat ladies. The big question that needs to be answered when having sex with a fat woman is what are the best fat sex positions.

Well I guess this depends on a few things.

1. How fat is the woman?

This is always going to be the big one. Are we talking seriously obese or just more on the podgy side? If the woman is incredibly heavy this is obviously going to restrict the amount of room to change position. For very fat women sometimes it is simply a case of getting in a position that gets the fat out of the way. For example, doggy style is great as it will naturally expose her vagina or anus and open up some of the fat around her bum to give you easy access.

A position like reverse cowgirl might be a little difficult if she is going to crush you by sitting on top of you but this might be what you are into

2. Are you both fat?

If you are both extremely fat then this might make fat sex positions a little bit more difficult. If you are very fat, this might mean you are unhealthy and sex can be quite a work out. If you are a little lazier you might want to try something a little more like the sixty niner. A position where you do not have to exert as much energy.

sex positions for fat women3. How big is your dick?

If you have a massive dick this opens up a lot of positions for sex. It means you can bend and twist in any direction you want and you dick will probably fit. But if your penis is a bit more average then you have to get into a position where you dick can actually stretch far enough to be inserted into one of the holes!

4. How flexible are you?

Many fat people simply find that they are not very flexible. If this is you, once again you will probably find that you are quite restricted by the amount of movement you have. You might discover that it is better for you to do positions like the missionary as you don’t have to get into any awkward positions and it is quite comfortable. However, if you find that you are with a lady who is very flexible you might want to get her to do the bridge while you fuck her or get here to put her ankles behind her ears!

Let us know you favorite sex positions and we will list your story here on our website.