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<h3Carol, 57 writes a horny diary entry

“Greetings to you. My name is Carol and I am a fat dirty tart. I have spent most of my life having dirty affairs and saucy sexy times. In a nut shell, I really love shagging men. Some say that I am a sex addict. I just love signing into this website and looking at the messages that I have received from men, then I respond to them asking if they want to come over my house and start having sex with me. I am not picky in anyway – I just enjoy having my clit rubbed so I can have some great orgasms. There are lots of men on this site that want to meet larger ladies near me, and I sure as hell chubby woman near meam a larger lady. Many people call me a fatty but believe you me, I can give a man the time of his life. Many men say how they enjoyed my steamy sessions because I “suck them dry”. I must say i really enjoy giving blow jobs. A lot of us larger women love giving blow jobs.

Top sex positions with a larger lady

There are some great sex positions to get into with a fatty slag. We have some suggestions for you to try- most of these will work a treat with big women. A great position is the fork lift. A man can go under a woman and have her pounding thighs bash onto him as he pushes his penis into her from behind. Rusty trombones are popular. This is when a fat girl licks a man arsehole while she wraps around and tosses him off. Standard missionary positions are also very popular with big women. You don’t have to be too adventurous with fat girls as they will have anything they can get.

Meet fatties in London today

fatties in londonLet’s face it, London is riddled with fatties. You see them on the tube, you see them walking down Piccadilly circus, you see them in London cabs – everywhere. But the fact of the matter is that these London fatties are really turning men on. In the heat of the summer the vagina of a larger lady can get very sweaty and release smells that can really turn men on. Sometimes these big girls have dripping vaginas on the London underground because they get turned on by the vibrations of the train. If you want to meet fatties in London you have come to the right place because our site is full to the brim of them. Fat girls who want to meet up with no strings attached for an erotic shag. These women have a ‘you only live once attitude’ and what to meet up with horny many as soon as possible to get their wicked end away.

Best place to meet a London Fatty

Once you have picked the fat girl you like the look of and you start sending each other messages online, the next step really is to decide a place to meet up. Some girls like going for a drink first so we would recommend taking her for a walk in hyde park. This can be a very romantic stroll and you can kiss her in the lovely gardens that this place offers. She maybe turned on then and invite you back to her house where she will offer you full sex. A romantic stroll can often get a fat girl in the mood to get really down and dirty with a partner who she has met on a dating site.

Why do I want to really meet a fat girl?

meet this london fat grilThere may be various reasons as to why you want to meet up with the larger lady. But let us say this one simple fact: You are not alone in this thinking, as many guys are becoming increasingly attracted to fatty girls. If you want to meet fatties in London, well then so be it. Fat is the new thin and we think that is fantastic – it is making the world a far better and more interesting place. Many of our surveys that we conduct, time and time again state that men have a far better shag from a fat girl than they have ever had with a slimmer girl. Men are no longer ashamed of admitting that they are so attracted to the larger sluts. They are signing up in the thousands to this site to find girls, and they are very successful. On average, when people sign up they are often meeting a fat girl that very evening.

Are you after BBW personals?

If you want to find a large woman on the internet then have sex with her you have come to the right place. We have more BBW personals on this site than most people have had cooked dinners. Large slutty women are getting rather horny in the uk in 2015, and men are loving that fact and are getting really turned on by them. The dripping vagina of a large desperate woman has been voted in a recent survey as the most erotic site for a man.

horny fattyWhy do I want to fuck a fat girl?

This is a questions asked by the British man daily. But more often now men are not ashamed of accepting the fact that large women turn them on. There is not a stigma attached to wanting a big woman like there used to be. Years ago on a clubbing event a fat girl would be left at the side because no one would want to dance with her. Now the opposite is true – they are sometimes the most popular women in the club and all the men are after them. They love a fleshy face and fleshy legs – there is more to go round. The great thing about this website is that we specialise in big women so if you are after BBW personals you have come to the right place. Many men have signed to this site and have literally been having sex with big women that very evening.

wobbly large titsCassie explains why she gets so horny

“Hi my name is Cassie and lets face it, I am the larger type of woman. But I get really horny and lonely at home – so I want to meet a man on the internet who can come over my house and shag me. I want him to finger me, lick me, suck me, do it all and I am happy to do sexy favours for him in return. I am happy for the sex session to last for a really long time, and happy to go again and again, because although I may be fit, i certainly have a lot of stamina in the bedroom, that is for sure. I am very loud when I orgasm and when I am having sex I can often cum again, again and again. I love having sex and the reason why I have signed up to this website is because I want to meet up with men who have similar interests to me. When you sign up click onto Cassie, that is my profile name and we can meet up and have erotic sex tonight”

The great thing about Chubby dating

We have conducted many surveys and research over the last 10 years and the fact we keep stumbling on is that fact that all men say the best girls to go on a date with are the larger ladies in life. They are the fun loving type, and what do you want out of date? Well if its not sex its certainly fun. The chubby fun girls have got a great sense of humour and are often cracking jokes on a date. These can also be jokes of a sexual nature and the effect it has on men is incredible. That is why we set up this web site because there is such a demand for the big girl. We wanted to meet this demand by setting up a site that purely caters for this market. Chubby dating, or as some call it big beautiful women dating can put back the fun into your life- so why not have a go?

chubby womanTop sex positions with a fatty slut

Having sex with a bigger girl is completely different to a slimmer girl; often for the better so we can advise you a few things and positions to try out in the bedroom with her:
The great thing about Chubby dating is what you can do with a fatter is girl is very adventurous. Try leaning her back on the bed so you can really press you penis into the depths of her vagina.
Many fatter women also like if you sit on their face. They can lick your anus while they reach around and toss you off.
If you want to lick her vagina have her sit at the end of the bed while you are on you knees and you can proceed to do the erotic act from there
Some larger sluts like to be on all fours on the fall while they get taken from behind. This can be a very sensational process for them so be ready for them to orgasm quickly.

chubby sexy womanSign up to today

If you are looking for a big beautiful woman well then you have come exactly to the right place. You can have the woman of your choosing if you sign up today. There is nothing complicated about the sign up process, in fact it can take under one minute to do it. And the greatest thing about our site is that the sign up process is completely free- this is very different to other competitor sites that charge a fee for you to access girls. So if you are looking for big woman, completely free of charge, you wish is our command. Sing to today and started messaging girls online tonight.

Are you into BBW Dating?

Big women are becoming all the rage. Even young men in their 20s are after a woman who has got a bit of fat around her midriff and thighs. If you are looking to date a BBW, expect a confident miss who is very sexual who wants her needs fulfilling. These big girls wear very sex clothes and fit the rolls of fat often into tight dresses. Underneath they wear very erotic underwear that is bought in shops such as Anne Summers. Black and pink thongs link up to suspenders and she will push a mans head down to her muff with confidence as if to say I want you to like me out now please. Most men are more than happy to take these types of girls up on the offer because they are horny devils too. Long gone are the days when everyone wants to have sex with the slimmer girls. Girls with the big plates of food with fatter rolls are what men are after in this day in age, if you haven;t tried it – why not give it a go to see at least what all the fuss is about?

slaggy fat womanWhy is fucking a fat woman so euphoric?

Many men saying oiling up the skin of a bigger girl is a very horny act to do. When a man is naked with a fat girl the man often lays on top of the girl, if they are both oiled up they bodies slip over one another and it can be a great thing to do. Your penis will slip in and out of vagina with ease as you fondle her oily breasts. Many of these BBW’s also have a collection of erotic toys in the wardrobe – and after a few drinks they often come out during sex sessions. Big ladies are very domineering and like cracking out the whip, but they want to be whipped as well so be expected for her to place a whip in your hands. If you are the type of man that just wants traditional sex, she will happy just do that with you also.

horny fat rolls100% real profiles for you to browse.

Many websites online claire they are the real deal – but are one of the few ones that is completely legit – what you see is what you get. All our members are completely real so if you into BBW dating it is great to browse real profiles. These are real horny girls that want to meet up with you as soon as possible, there is nothing fake about our website. This big girls will make you feel alive again. Sign up today and all your dreams will come true!

Where can I find local fatties?

One simple answer log on to and you will see an incredible selection of local fatties. As you can see in the great photographs their fat rolls over their raunchy knickers and can be a real turn on for the modern man. Many of our male members utter the phrase “once you go fat- you can’t go back” and that statement has proved very very true. Sign up today for free and come and find the right fatty for you!

horny slut in bedWhat does Clive from Portsmouth think about fatties?

“Hi I am Clive and I am a 52 year old man and I want to share with you my experience of this lovely fat slag called Sally on We started sending each raunchy images of each other naked, then we went for a lovely meal in a nice local restaurant I know in Portsmouth. I invited her back to my place and when I lifted her top lets just say she had all right junk, in all the right places and it wasn’t long at all before my penis became hard. She began by licking the tip of my penis while I lay back in joy. I then started fondling her breasts and I think at that point we were both gagging for full on sex. I started off slow then increased the speed slowly. The whole thing last about 45 minutes which I was very proud of, and we will definitely be meeting up again for another sex session. So all I can say is thanks for allowing me to fulfil my dreams and letting me meet the woman of my dreams – which would not have been possible without this fantastic website”

masterbating fat slagSimple steps to make local fatties orgasm…

Gently massage the end of their nipples- you will find as they become more turned on the nipple gets harder and harder
Finger their arse hole as well as their vagina. The arse hole often gets forgotten about in saucy session by men, but it must not as it is a great way to get a fat woman going.
Blow gently over their pubic hair. This can be very refreshing for a fat slag and can leave them wanting more and more
Kiss around their neck and ear lobes, not just their mouth. The neck of a large lady is very sensitive so if you can tenderly love that area she will really want you.
The thighs are such an important part of the larger lady. You can lick them, or you can oil them up – but it is a must that you do something with them

Fancy some fatty dogging?

big girlOur site has the perfect selection for fat girls who are willing to have sexy times in the car park or woodlands. Women of the bigger nature actually prefer having sex outdoors as they can sometimes be conscious of they big weight in the bright lights of the bedroom. The darkness of the night outside leaves much to the imagination and can be really thrilling. Fatty dogging has become very popular particularly between the ages of 30-50 yrs of age. But the great thing is if you are an older gent, it doesn’t matter either as lots of the dogging mums you will encounter don’t mind the older man- in fact some actually prefer it and set their filtering settings on the webpage accordingly.

How to find the right fat woman for you.

Here are a few points that you should consider when choosing a fat dogger.
Do you want a dogger just to have oral sex with you outside or want do you want to go all the way? Make sure you state what you want in your profile so the slag you are contacting knows what you are after.
Do you want to make this a regular thing or just a one off? There are different types of girls who want different things so its a good things to consider if you would like to meet up with the same girl every single dogging event or would you like a different woman each time?
Make the decision if you want to wear underwear or not before the meet up in the lay by or woodlands.
Think before you go if you would like to take sex toys and games with you.
Find out in advance if your fatty slut would like you to wear a uniform or not. Make sure you ask her in advance if you would like her to wear slutty clothes such as a nurses uniform.
Consider taking food that could be used in a sexual way. Whipped cream is a popular choice to be used in the car in a dogging situation. You can lick the cream from her lovely breasts and both enjoy the sensation.

What if I don’t get an erection?

In our experience of fatty dogging on this website we have found that our female members are not judgmental if a gentleman has difficulty in getting an erection. The women are often very understanding and will do everything they can to limit the embarrassment. They will make repeated attempts to suck on your penis until it is semi-hard and away you go. These women are often not in a rush and are willing to give it time until you are erect and ready to have sex. is a very popular site for this reason. The women here are not only sexy but understanding and patient. They have seen it all before so you should never be ashamed of what happens on a meet up.slutty fat girl

Would you like to hook up with Big Beautiful Women? has just what you have in mind. We can tailor your search to filter out all other types of women leaving with you a large selection of big beautiful women to choose from. And more important than that, not only will we bring up all the ladies you have mind- more than that- they are local girls on your doorstep that are ready for a steamy fuck. It is a necessary requirement that when a fat woman signs up to one of our site they must enter all their particular details of their weight, height, hair colour etc so we can filter out and any girls that are of no interest for you.

meet fat slut

What is it that exactly makes a larger women so sexy?

A lot of men don’t know what they are missing out on if they have never been with a fat woman. Men who have been fortunate to bed big beautiful women have often used the phrase “there is more cushion for the pushing” and that is very true. It has also been said by many men that fat women’s vaginas become much more wet during intercourse and the sensation that causes on their erect penises is euphoric. Many men get much enjoyment from the penis slipping in and out with ease; with many men saving on what they would have had to spend on expensive products such as Durex lubrication. Fatty members on also wear a lot more sexy underwear than their slimmer counterparts. So even before you have actually engaged in sex the minute you see their frilly pink thong ruck up their larger bum cracks, most men find they are stiff; hard as a rock stiff. Fatter girls are also a lot more hygienic and will have showered and had every orifice cleaned for her special man that she has met on the online dating site. They therefore smell very nice too.

What if she doesn’t like me?

meet fat girl onlineThere is absolutely no chance that will happen. The filtering process at both ends of the website gathers together all information using sophisticated profiling technology so the woman you find will find you attractive and will want to have sex with you. Not only will the woman be most pleased that you want to have sex with her, she will often take part in the sexual activities that turn you on. Fatter girls are often more willing to try out new things- and in particular things that turn you on in the bedroom.

Chubby chasing

man chasing chubby womanAre you a chubby chaser? Do you enjoy the challenge of chubby chasing? Many men like to head out on the weekend with the single goal of being able to take a fat woman back to the their house for a night of passion.

Why do men enjoy chubby women?

There are lots of reason that men might enjoy the pursuit of a fat woman.

Some men say that they are incredible bed, the saying is “once you fat, you never go back”. Many men who spend a night with a chubby woman often find themselves always looking for another fatty. Some of the men on this site say that they give the best blowjobs, some men say that they just enjoy having a bit of fat to grab onto as they spunk inside a larger woman. Whatever your reason, there is no shortage of large woman on this site who are desperate to meet men who worship the ground they walk on.

Many of the large ladies on this site upload naked videos and photos of themselves onto their fat personals in an attempt to get more men to contact them.

If this site sounds like your dream come true, whether you simply enjoy to look at naked images of real fat women in your area or even if you are looking for a chubby woman to have sex with; this is the uk’s number one site for chubby chasing in the uk. But the difference is that the women on this site are just as desperate to meet with you for sex as you are to meet up with them.

chasing this chubby womanChasing made easy.

So once you have filled out the simply 5 step process above you will be approved to our database where you will be greeting with hundreds of horny women in your area, but this is a site with a difference. Filter you results down to the chubby women who have the same sexual preferences as you. SO, if you love the idea of going dogging or perhaps you just like anal sex, tick the boxes next to the sexual acts you enjoy the most and we will only show you the women who share these sexual fantasies as you.

That means not only will you be able to do your chubby chasing online with hundreds of women who are looking for sex, but you can only look at the women who like having the same type of sex as you. After all we are the number one fatty sex dating site in the uk! The whole point is to not only have more sex but to actually to have the sex you want to be having.



Shag beautiful local fatties

fat woman looking for shagAre you in the market for having a shag with a beautiful fatty who lives in your area? Then you have found the perfect site for you!

This is the UK’s biggest site for men who are looking for a beautiful fatty to shag. We have hundreds of large women all over country who are signing up hoping to meet a man who is going to adore them in the bedroom. Weather you are into feeding your woman or simply licking some chocolate sauce off her tits then we have got a woman for all your needs.

Find a local BBW

What if you don’t want to travel far to find the woman who is perfect for you? Well don’t worry, we did a survey once and whatever point in the UK you are, you are no further away than 6 miles from a woman who belongs to this site. That is right, this site is absolutely chokka block with sexually frustrated fat women.

How to filter your results to local fatties.

fat lady nakedOnce you have completely our simple 5 step sign up form you will be taken into our easy-to-use database where you can begin to filter your results. First thing you need to do is enter your postcode. Don’t worry, we know a lot of the people on our site are actively having affairs so feel unsure about entering their post code, we can assure you that we do not send any letters to your house, this company doesn’t send any mail out at all, but if you still feel uncomfortable then why not just enter the post code of your local shop? We are not looking for your exact address, we just want to know what area you live so that we can show you matches of other women that live close to you.

We have a new feature on our site called “who is near me” where we will show you peoples profiles on map. Again, we will not show you their exact address for confidentiality but we will show you a rough mile radius of where they live, only really to give you an ides of exactly how close they are to your house.

Once you find a fat woman who lives close enough, it is simply a case of writing to her and getting to know here a bit.

If you are interested in shagging a local fatty today, why not sign up and within minutes discover a few women who live around the corner!