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“I thought that this site was fake, but it looked so appealing I couldn’t help but sign up because if there was a chance that these women were real I had just to take it. I signed up for free and did a quick browse, some the women on this site living a few miles away from me. I thought I would message them with the simple question, “are you a real or is this a fake account?”. Every single woman I wrote to was real, and a few even sent pictures with the message to prove that they were telling the truth.

I was impressed. I decided to write back to most of the women, well the best-looking fatties and tell them that I was only really signing up to the site because I lived in Edinburgh and I liked the idea of having more one night stands with hot fat women. I told them that I liked the look of them and simply asked them if they would be up for a good fuck at some point. I was amazed to find out that most of them were on the site for the same reason and they loved my honesty.

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“We organised to meet up in a few bars that were local, we had a few drinks but to be honest, neither of us were interested in chatting. We just wanted to get down to it. We took some shots to calm our nerves then went to a nearby hotel. Once we were in the hotel, Edinburgh BBWeverything changed. Suddenly it because all about pleasing each other sexually. Neither of us was interested in chatting. We just wanted to get it on. It was a real one-night stand. Not because we were both pissed after a night of clubbing but because we were both there to get our kicks, the dirtier the sex, the better. We did it three times throughout the night. At one point I woke up to her sucking my dick.”


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We thoughts that rather than explain to you why these fat women sign up to this site we could just let you read a letter that was recently written in by one of the fat ladies on our website.

“My name is Lynda, and I have to write in to say thank you for making this site. I recently came out of a terrible relationship. The guy I was living with used to tell me I was fat and ugly. He would never have sex with me and treated me like shit.

Because I am a fat woman, I just thought that this is what it was like to go out with a man. I just assumed he was right and that all men felt that way. I don’t want to give you too much of a sob story, but I don’t feel very attractive sometimes because I have always been a bigger girl and always stood there while men ogle at the slim girls around me.

However, this site has changed all of that. Since I signed up, I now feel like one of these younger hot women myself in Liverpool.

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