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fat sex partyAre you into the fab world of fat dating sites but feel that you might be a little too old to go to the 25-35 fat sex parties? Well do not worry, the fat dating world is in fact, far bigger than the skinny dating world. Chunky women are quickly becoming one of the most popular dating sites on the web.

Well, you have to think about why people seek chunky women in the first place. Fatty sex is really a way for people to legitimately have sex with large people but without feeling they have to sneak around and cheat. Over 90% of people who shag a fat girl in the UK are doing it with their partners or with their partners consent.

After years of being in the same relationship and having the same sex, people can feel like they are stuck in a bit of a rut. They have tried all the new sex toys on the market, tried every different sex position but ultimately are not feeling arouse by the thought of having sex with the a chuncky person.

If both couples are feeling like this and are reasonably open about their feelings and sex lives, it doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that there are probably hundreds of fab fatties and men out there who might also be feeling like this.

Why is fatty dating so popular?

fatty dating sites for youIt doesn’t just stop there, obese dating has many benefits other than just the sex. Have a read of one of our members talking about how chubby sex didn’t just improve her sex life, it actually changed the way she lived

“It got to a point where me and my husband didn’t care what we looked like, didn’t care about looking after our appearance. He put no effort in to impress me and after 40 years of marriage I gave up putting in any effort to impress him. We didn’t really go out and do nice things, our sex life was non existent Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be having sex deep down but the thought of having sex with him just didn’t turn me on. In all honestly, we simple didn’t do anything fun together and it was beginning to effect the way I felt about my husband and actually effect the way I felt about myself.

I think we can safely say, we were stuck in a ditch. After a while I just brought the subject up with him and said we couldn’t continue on the road we were going as I didn’t want to live the rest of my life like this. We used to be a lot more active, and very social but as we got slightly older, a lot of the friends we used to hang around with just moved away.

My husband agreed and we decided to go online to look for fat sex parties in the area. It didn’t take long to come across this site and we found another couple who were the same as us, it was strange at first but we both liked the look of them and they were interested in meeting up for a sexual encounter. Straight away, it was like someone had flicked a switch in our relationship, that night we had amazing sex! The thought that within the next week we were both going to be having sex with new people really got us excited. We started going for a few walks and eating more healthy, we wanted to make sure that they were no disappointed in having sex with us and in turn.
On the actually night, we dolled ourselves up nicer than we have in years and got a taxi to where they live. We walked in feeling a bit nervous but after a couple of drinks we began to loosen up and then out of the blue Sandra, the wife, suggested, “shall we take this upstairs”.
I have to admit my heart was pounding, we headed upstairs and they had a huge bed. Nick instantly started to kiss my neck and Sandra began to give my husband a blow job; it was totally exhilarating. The first session was simply oral sex, which we had agreed before hand. I was with nick all night and my husband was with Sandra. After we had all cum, we all stood up and got dressed. We wouldn’t of been over the house longer than a few hours but my god it was exciting. We headed home (in a taxi) and messaged them the next day to say we were interested in going further with them next time…

Since we have began chubby swinging, me and my husbands sex life has improved no end, I have lost lots of weight and actually felt like I have something to live for again. One or two of the couples we now meet up with regularly and I even feel our social lives have improved no end. I also feel more confident, I have a point to prove now, I might be 63, but I can make a man cum in minutes!”

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